How You Can Help

VicDRG is primarily a voluntary organisation. However we do pay for some administration assistance to keep us up to date and to enable us to operate professionally. Everything else is done by volunteers, including the President’s role.

We do need your help and there are so many ways you can help:

  1. Foster a dog or cat
  2. Offering to volunteer – use your skills to help us
  3. Transport locally or rurally
  4. Telling your friends about us
  5. Looking out for items on our wish list
  6. Supporting our fundraising events
  7. Perhaps you know of a business or person who can donate an item to place in a raffle or silent auction at one of our fundraisers
  8. Shop online!  It is that simple, sign up with Shopnate, then every time, you shop online at the selected stores, a donation is made to VicDRG at no cost to you:
  9. Spread the word. Pass on our leaflet, download and place it at your vets or pet store, on your community board.  VicDRG Leaflet

You can also help us by making a donation. As our administration costs are minimal, your donation always goes to where it is needed most - to the animals. You can ask us to direct your donation to wherever you like - towards sponsoring a dog or cat of your choice, to vet fees, towards special surgery that can change a dog's life or to general funds that cover our additional animal-related costs.