Dogs For Adoption

  • Tilly Goldsworthy

    Tilly Goldsworthy

    Small Female Jack Russell Terrier x, DOB 8/4/13

    Please note: Tilly needs a quiet area with an adult family with no dogs and no cats.
    Tilly is very laid back, happy to sleep all day and is a lap dog. She loves for you to be home and will follow you around all day just to be in your presence. She is a clever girl ...

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  • Jack Loveday

    Jack Loveday

    Male Bull Arab x, DOB 15/1/11

    Update: Jack definitely only wants to be the only dog, and king of his house. He loves it.
    Jack is a really special boy who hadn’t had the best time before coming to us. He is a gentle soul with a heart of gold and just wants to make sure his family are safe and everybody is OK...

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  • Nova Van der Velden

    Nova Van der Velden

    Female Great Dane x Catahoula, DOB 1/7/19

    Please note: Nova will be rehomed with another playful, tolerant dog of a medium to large size.
    Despite Nova’s breed mix she is only around 25 kgs so not a big girl at all. Here are some Nova fun facts as she is hilarious and a constant source of entertainment...

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  • Pippa and Maple York

    Pippa and Maple York

    Pippa Female Wolfhound x Beagle, Maple Female Wolfhound x, DOB Pippa 8/6/07, Maple 6/2/12

    Pippa is Maple's mother. These precious dogs are very bonded and will be rehomed together...

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  • Dexter Buckingham

    Dexter Buckingham

    Mastiff x, DOB 16/4/18

    Dexter is a three year old 50 kg boy who is chipped as a mastiff cross. He has a lovely nature and has been in a lot of pain for years. He often walks with a bunny hop motion as apart from his hip dysplasia he has bilateral patella fractures...

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  • Boo Worthington

    Boo Worthington

    Large Female Staffy x, DOB 6years 1 month

    Boo is an absolute sweetheart. She has had a tough life and is learning that there is a better way. She is so charming and wins the hearts of everyone that meets her. Boo adores everyone she meets. Boo is an enthusiastic snuggler and she just loves to be the centre of attention...

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  • Sarge Cumberbatch

    Sarge Cumberbatch

    Male Bull Arab x, DOB 21/9/20

    Sarge loves company - people, dogs, cats. He is not suitable to be an apartment Dog as he loves his zoomie time in the backyard.
    A beautiful boy who is the definition of go big or go home…A big heart, big emotions and he would love a big space in your sofa, bed and life...

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  • Hamilton Cumberbatch

    Hamilton Cumberbatch - is on hold. No applications please.

    Small Male Jack Russell Terrier x, DOB 24/10/15

    Hamilton is temporarily on hold while we ready him further for adoption. Hamilton is only suitable for very dog experienced people.
    Hamilton Cumberbatch is a friendly boy with plenty of energy. He loves his toys and following you around like a little shadow. Helping you with your jobs is never a chore for Hamilton ...

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  • Pippa Dunwoodie

    Pippa Dunwoodie is checking out her new home

    Small Female Jack Russell Terrier x, DOB 28/7/10

    Pippa will be rehomed as an only dog.
    Pippa is a quiet, happy girl. She wags her tail furiously and LOVES going for brisk walks. She’s looking at her toys but hasn’t quite figured out how to play with them. Pippa loves people and is great with everyone she encounters...

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  • Sam Easterbrook

    Sam Easterbrook - for foster/foster with a view

    Male Mastiff x Bull Arab, DOB 12/4/16

    Sam is just a big teddy bear. Besides Sam’s obvious good looks, he has a lovely personality to match. Sam has a laidback energy and gets on well with other dogs. Sam loves to go on a walk...

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  • Roxy Dunwoodie

    Roxy Dunwoodie

    Female Bullmastiff x Wolfhound, DOB 21/8/18

    Roxy Dunwoodie is a very sweet girl who loves people. Because of lockdown we have not yet been able to have her assessed...

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  • Harriet Easterbrook aka Harri

    Harriet Easterbrook aka Harri - for foster or adoption

    Medium Female Kelpie x, DOB 20/3/15

    Meet Harri, or Harriet if you want to be all formal about it. This sweet Kelpie cross (maybe with border collie) is looking for a loving home with an owner who is willing to invest time and energy in ongoing training...

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  • Bella Easterbrook

    Bella Easterbrook - coming soon

    Corgi, DOB approx 11 years

    Bella Easterbrook has lost her family suddenly She really just wants to hang around with you and go for walks around the neighbourhood...

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  • Django Dunwoodie

    Django Dunwoodie - for foster/foster with a view to adopt

    Male Female Staffy x Beagle , DOB 14/2/14

    Django is a reluctant surrender. He was surrendered with Bandit Dunwoodie and they are bonded. We would prefer not to separate them if possible...

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  • Bandit Dunwoodie

    Bandit Dunwoodie - for foster/foster with a view to adopt

    Medium Female Staffy x Beagle , DOB 14/2/14

    Bandit is a reluctant surrender. She was surrendered with Django Dunwoodie and they are bonded. We would prefer not to separate them if possible...

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Check out our gallery with rescue dogs of all sizes and backgrounds. They all have two things in common: each was abandoned in one way or other, and each of them is longing for a forever home, a home where they are loved, feel safe and yes -  are spoiled. Can you give that to one of these gorgeous guys?

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.

It is our policy not to rehome dogs in the Sunraysia area. Please go to your local pound, or contact your local group. As rescue groups have transported thousands of homeless dogs from Mildura and Sunraysia Pounds in the last decade, we do not intend to send any back there.